I have looked in the mirror, and I am not sc4r3d

(To know things, beautiful, terrible things. Like a john to a desperate hooker with kids to feed, the things a handful of errant molecules can force us to think and do.)

This is mostly here for my own personal documentation, not really to convey any information to the outside world. Sorry.

Anyway, there were a lot of Really Important Things I really should have done tonight. Like emergency ad/mal/etcware analysis on a product whose company is upset about the older version being listed as such, to the point of calling me at work about it, and dealing with a whole bunch of house drama and logistics, and calling/emailing all the people I desperately owe calls/emails to, especially those near the Chicago I’m going to be touching down in in less than a week.

What I actually ended up doing was d) none of the above, and chatting on AIM instead. And feeling probably the best (maybe most at ease? I don’t really know how to explain) I’ve felt in a very long time. Because Unique (as in, completely alone in the world, at least in some way) is not all it’s cracked up to be.


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