Dude, Joe, you are needing therapy.

Session Start (AIM – Me:TheAssWhosBeenHarassingMeForThreeYears): Wed Apr 27 23:12:58 2005
[23:12] TAWBHMFTY: u fucking cock
[23:13] TAWBHMFTY: i should beat ur ass
[23:13] Me: who the fuck might this be?
[23:13] *** Me wants to directly connect.
[23:13] *** TAWBHMFTY declines request; no connection was made.
[23:14] TAWBHMFTY: u can call me Murderous-Maximus
[23:14] Me: state your business.
[23:14] TAWBHMFTY: I am a girlfriend of s*’s
[23:14] Me: riiiight.
[23:14] Me: bye…
[23:14] TAWBHMFTY: she has told me alot baout u
[23:14] TAWBHMFTY: u fag
Session Close (TAWBHMFTY): Wed Apr 27 23:14:58 2005

(I know people who have entire blogs devoted to documenting their stalkers, and now I’m starting to understand why. This is getting downright amusing.)


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