So, a while back I was watching Blind Date (arrgh..TV…brain…melting). There was this guy, and this girl, and they obviously had some attraction, and things appeared to be going well. In the course of the typical smalltalk, they got on the subject of parties, and he told her about a time when he was at a drinking party and fell asleep / passed out on the floor, and when he awoke the next morning and peeled his face off the carpet, there were pube hairs from the carpet stuck to his cheek. From that moment forward, this chick completely froze him out for the entirety of their date. Granted, it’s not the best idea to tell a gross pube story on a first date, but still, jeez, ya gotta forgive sometime. This guy returned to his former charming (well, pre-pube-story) self and everything (until he had had enough of that ice-maiden routine, anyway :-) I don’t remember if he started being a dick by the end of it or not).

Somehow this got me thinking about the severity of typical goofs in e.g. a dating situation, and their recoverability. While it does bother me somewhat to know that for any goof < = maxgoof, there exists a specific sequence of actions or words that will cause the situation to be recovered, and for any goof > maxgoof no such sequence exists, knowing neither these recovery sequences nor the value of maxgoof bothers me infinitely more.

It should at least be understood that, as humans, it is our nature to fuck up. It should have to be a pretty severe fuckup (e.g. running someone over repeatedly with a truck) to be unrecoverable by any means.

(Resisting temptation to invoke controls theory…)


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