(And this is just a punk rock song, written for the people who can see something’s wrong)

An adventure today. Up bright and early (ahem, relative to nightfall, you know me) to start the day off with a little food porn homebrew sushi. Mmmm, more salmon than I can shake a fishin’ stick at.

After that, we rounded up the rest of the posse, picking up a couple more people on the outskirts on our way to a punk show out in Haverhill(?), MA. It was starting at 6-ish and we weren’t sure if we’d make it (especially with directions like “turn rightish at the statue of the guy sticking his arm out”, hehe), so we hauled ass. Think I was getting an occasional “Heh, nice driving Tim” from behind clenched teeth and white knuckles, but after enough backtracking and dizzying u-turns we found it alright.

Saw a number of bands, (IMO) some good and some not so good. I wish I could remember the names of all of them. The guys at the very end kicked ass.

Next door there was some interesting imagery, an entire fleet of deserted ice cream trucks buried in a mountain of snow. It was kind of surreal, I’m not sure why. Tried to get a picture, but it didn’t turn out.

At some point during the night we lost J.R., so a few of us were out a couple times looking for her. (Eventually found downstairs semi-napping in the freezingass basementish.)

Anyway, good times, and I’d definitely do it again.

Arc*: If you could get her to bring nori, that would be ideal.
Arc*: But I need to know how much fish to buy.
Arc*: Especially salmon, since I plan on eating a lot of it. =P
Me: (hehehe…now I have Nora, nori, and Nero on the same screen :P )
Arc*: I almost spewed milk into the keyboard.
Arc*: =P

(Planning out sushi-thing while playing with my new DVD burner)


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