Your house won’t become sentient for at *least* two more years

I was the only person at my place of employment who had heard of Pi day. The WSJ had an article on it, but that doesn’t count.

Dreamed last night of pulling up to a house somewhere in a borrowed Corvette and finding I had a very flat tire. Wierd, yes? Maybe not for me, this has already happened in real life once (on prom night, no less). I didn’t remember having this dream until I was about halfway to work (being lazy and driving); then got there, got out and noticed I had (in real life) a very low tire.

Ah, and my box o’ toys from AllElectronics came today. 640×480 LCD flatscreen with backlight, Peltier cooler (what, me overclock something? Naaaahhh), a whole bunch of supercaps and a couple solar panels. What am I making? Sorry, that’s a secret. (That’s me-speak for “I have no clue.”) Still needed: Imaging sensor (make that, working imaging sensor), lowpower wireless transmitter, and a proper USB interface. All right, so I’m building more than one thing.


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  1. Frank says:

    What kind of imaging sensor are you looking for? CCD or CMOS? I design cameras and other various hardware. Sounds like you are a mad scientist… LOL

    I actually stumbled on this site looking for info on the LCD… I was actually looking to purchase one from ALLELECTRONICS myself, however I havent been able to find any decent documentation.


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