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Irresolvably Indeterminate

*Click click grind grind click*

Coffee, and Hackers (“a 28 b.p.s. modem!”), and that fine little line between awake and asleep, and a confused little me, feeling a lot more warm and content inside than is normal… but also unsure whether that means anything.

QOTD: “Ah, the ol’ cheek deflection. That’s like being walked to first base, but without the balls.” -F*

Hot & Cold & Hot & …

Dicks on…. *grind grind page seek seek* image of a row of penises dancing and singing under RYB stage lighting Broadway, yeah, that was it…

A stranger here reborn it seems
Waking wonders deep in me
If nothing’s ventured, nothing’s gained
So I must sieze the day…
VNV Nation / Standing

(Seeing these guys soon…)



Should have been hack-hack-hackin’ away on PV2 stuff (sorry guys!), but got a little tied up this weekend (ahem, figuratively speaking). New England Fetish Fair! With fetishy freaks J.R. and Iz*. And this girl Rac*, that Iz* knows. (Er…I didn’t figure out that she was a girl at first.) And discovered these wonderful things known as vampire gloves.

QOTD: “The world is probably funnier to people who don’t live here.” (Calvin and Hobbes)


Hah! Most cracked out. Game. Ever. Katamari Damancy.

You see, We really did it. The King of All Cosmos has really done it. A sky full of stars… We broke it. Yes, We were naughty. Completely naughty. So, so very sorry. But just between you and Us, it felt quite good. Not that We can remember very clearly, but We were in Nature’s embrace. We saw the beauty of everything and felt love for all. That’s how it was. Did you see? We smiled a genuine smile. Did you see? The stars splintering in perfect beauty. Such a magical flash. Like the first time your mother looked at Us. Her eyes glittering like glitter. The pink dress fluttering. Woo, tangent.

Now, that miraculous fabulous moment has passed. It’s over. We came to and found everyone furious. Even the King of All Cosmos was not spared their wrath. Really, everybody was irate. So anyway, wee Prince. Hurry up and bring back the glorious starry sky. Our problem, your problem. Yes? You owe Us your existence, We collect on the debt. Yes? Hand in hand, always there. Yes? The very definition of the father-son bond. Yes? All right then, let’s get cracking.

QOTD: Does the prince like vibration?
As in, with the moving and the shaking.