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Moving day

Hah…this bit o’ events I already explained in an email to someone, so… *big paste* (for those scratching their heads and going, “hey, this doesn’t sound like your usual blogggging voice”…)

The lease on my 4BR apartment expires at the end of this month, and I just found out that all my roommates are moving out then. So it was either find a new apartment fast, or try to find 3 new roommates (aka random strangers) just as fast, because I can’t (or can barely…but don’t want to) afford to rent a 4 bedroom place for just myself ($2500/mo, ouch). I actually tried finding roommates for a bit, a placed an ad and this woman wanted to come check it out. I said specifically that I was looking for students and young professionals under 30, who weren’t afraid to have fun. So I try giving her directions to the place, because it’s maybe 1/2 mile from where she’s living now…but she doesn’t even come close to understanding the directions, and is generally clueless, so I say I’ll come by and drive her to it. Anyway, she’s looking at the apartment and going on about how beautiful it is, and then she’s like….how do you feel about this carpet? Yeah, um….carpets are a breeding ground for germs…can you get rid of it? and getting all creepy-crawly on me.

(I don’t think the landlord would be happy with me ripping out his wall to wall carpeting!)

Eventually I convince her that the carpet is staying, but she’s welcome to shampoo it if she wants. We go back downstairs, and she starts asking all kinds of religion questions, and about whether the other two roommates (who I don’t even have yet) will have good Christian values. I explain (as politely as possible) that I am open to all faiths, and don’t intend to kick out anyone for having different beliefs. She’s like, “Um…ok…in your ad, you said you’d be looking for professionals *or students*….are you sure you want students? They have parties and drink alcohol. I don’t want any alcohol in the house. Do you drink?”

So I’m like yeah, I have a beer with the guys once in a while, and she starts giving me a lecture on how drinking is evil, and alcohol is a poison, etc. and on and on. That and “Oh, I have a confession…I’m not really 27 like I said on the phone…I’m 47…” (Well, I had kind of figured that bit out already, but I wasn’t going to say anything.)

Then she’s like…about the bathrooms, there are 2 of them…wouldn’t it be best to make one a boy’s bathroom and one a girl’s bathroom? For privacy and cleanliness reasons…you know, girls tend to be neater in the bathroom than guys. I had to bite my tongue hard after living here a year with the girl roommate being the messiest, and pulling huge hair clogs out of the sink every 2 weeks, etc.

So, that was interesting. I think we both decided this would not be a good match. But that same night, I went out apartment-hunting and found the perfect new place on the first try. It’s a 2BR “half a house”, completely furnished, with its own basement, laundry and everything. It looks kinda like a ski lodge inside. The guy I’ll be sharing it with is a young mathemetician + engineer, who loves to party, hack and play video games. Oh, and of course, design & build potato cannons for competition and blow shit up. I think we’ll make a good (but dangerous) team.

*end huge paste*

Welll… a few days after things were ‘finalized’ with potato cannon dude, that is, a few short days before my lease expires, he emails me to say that his buddy just found out he needs a place, so he’s giving my spot away. Grr. I guess it makes sense, buddies over random Craigslist strangers, but still, we shook on it. Grr, finding new housing on short notice, grr. (Quoth friend and coworker CL: “What a douche.”) Anyway, long story short, I check out this last-minute place near Davis, and seal the deal ASAP. It’s a little run-down compared to the old place; actually, kind of gives me the feeling that it’s about to collapse on itself at any time. Which brings me to today, hauling boxes and boxes of stuff over. Ha, I’m going to be sore tomorrow…

QOTD: “So, if we had a SHITLOAD of them…like, ten or more…” -M*

Summer Vacation 2K+4

Lots o' rocks
Lots o’ rocks

Won't budge...
Won’t budge…

Tree and sunset
Tree and sunset

Dad on a rock
Dad on a rock

Top of Mt. Washington
Mt. Washington…check!

Bar Harbor sunset
Sunset in Bar Harbor (yay dispose-o-cam)

Tim in his natural habitat
Tim in his natural habitat (to all those who have asked me, “did you just crawl out from under a rock?”)

A cool-looking hunk of dead tree
A cool-looking hunk of dead tree

Gotta love driving in New England
Gotta love driving in New England

Not entirely sure how you would tow one of those...
Not entirely sure how you would tow one of those…

QOTD: Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. There might be a law against it by that time.